Wild roses and honeysuckle…..

by Kat Weatherill

Yesterday in between rain showers (oh, the joys of an English summer!) I went out for a walk to collect Elderflower to make cordial for an upcoming post. Whilst I was looking in the hedgerows I noticed a wild dog rose flowering (Rosa canina) then as I continued to walk there was honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) and feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). As I was carrying a basket for the Elderflower and a pair of secaturers,  I  decided to collected a few stems of each wildflower to create a simple arrangement to share with you…..

As I had only gathered short stems of dog rose, when I returned home I looked in the cupboards to find a suitable shallow container and found a small vintage crystal rose bowl. Next I wandered around the garden to collect a few more stems to fill out the arrangement. For foliage I added Astillbe leaves and some purple leafed Physocarpus diablo to my basket. Astrantia is plentiful in the garden in July, so I cut a few stems and added one Nectaroscordum siculum – sicilian honey garlic. (See Picture below – I love them! They grow from a bulb, planted in Autumn and is part of the onion family. They have gorgeous bell-shaped flowers that the bees adore and when they have finished flowering the bells close and all point up creating an arrow-head shape.)

So to create an arrangement in a rose bowl all you need to do is fill with water, add a small drop of bleach to the water. Begin by adding the foliage also know as ‘greening up’.

Next begin adding your flowers, cut the stems of the flowers on an angle, add the larger flowers first then fill then gaps with the smaller flowers. Turn the bowl as you work, to ensure it looks great from all angles. I think the finished result is natural, simple with the charm of the English hedgerows, I hope you like it to? I think this one is going on my bedside table…..


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