Plantaholics – May and June – {Part Two}

by Kat Weatherill

All the plants shown on this category of my blog are ‘Good Do-ers’. In other words they are flourishing in either my own garden in East Lancashire (known for wet summers and cold winters!) or I have planted in clients gardens. Most of these plants are easy to grow and suitable for beginners, so don’t be scared! There is also the added bonus that they are also great additions to your vases. But I will from time to time throw in the odd true ‘Plantaholics’ treat! Something unusual or not hardy (in other words it won’t survive own British winters, but is too beautiful not to have in your life!) so keep checking, you never know what you may find!

Genus – Geranium  
Variety – Oxonianum Thurstonianum
Type – Perennial
Flowers – May/June/July
Soil Type – Will tolerate most soils
Site – Partial shade or full Sun
Height & Spread – 50cm x 60 cm
Hardiness – Hardy
Cut Flower – Yes
Notes – remove flowered stems and old leaves to encourage fresh leaves and flowers

Genus – Convallaria
Variety – majalis {Lily of the Valley}
Type – Perennial
Flowers – May to June
Soil Type – Most soil types
Site – Partial shade or shade
Height & Spread – 23cm x 30cm
Hardiness – Hardy
Cut Flower – Yes
Notes – Fragrant flowers. It spreads quickly in shady positions, making it an excellent plant for a woodland garden or as ground cover in shady borders. 
Genus – Verbascum
Variety –  {Cotswold group} ‘Pink Domino’
Type – Shrub
Flowers – June and July
Soil Type – Poor, well drained and alkaline
Site – Full sun 
Height & Spread – 1m x 30cm 
Cut Flower – Yes, but strip lower leaves
Notes – It is worth keeping in mind that these plants are mainly biennial, so although they usually self-seed freely, the plant will only live for two years.

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