RHS Tatton Flower Show {Part Three} – The Bombe

by Kat Weatherill

Visionary Garden – The Bombe by BattissonHoward Landscapes

When I first saw this garden at The RHS Tatton Flower Show I did what most people did, stopped, looked, walked around it, looked again, walked around again. I then read the inspiration and concept behind this design. I walked around for the third time, I saw more and understood more. This garden shone out as a living art installation winning a Silver Gilt medal.

This garden is titled The Bombe and is a tribute to the life of Alan Turing, inspired by his life and achievements. The design is based on ciphers and code-breaking. Including hidden meanings and messages.

The inspiration for the design layout came from a diagram of the Enigma Machine. Sculptural features represent computer design, and an apple tree bears the fruit associated with his untimely death in 1954.

The planting is inspired by Alan Turings research into Mathematical biology and more specifically Fibonacci Phyllotaxis in plant structures. The Agapathus in this garden planted in the shape of the Fibonacci spiral.

The great thing about this garden is love it or hate it you will have an opinion, it won’t leave you cold. It is an intelligent design that works on many levels. It highlights the true talent and creativity behind our British Garden Designers like Heather and Gareth Battisson-Howard…..

You can contact Heather and Gareth of BattisonHoward Landscapes on 01829 720020 and Facebook.


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