Its all in the details…..

by Kat Weatherill

I have returned home from a few days away in the Lake District with my family. We stayed just a few minutes walk from Lake Windermere, visited historic houses, gardens, walked, mountain biked, ate great food, laughed and smiled through the summer rain!

I packed my camera on all our day trips. I am learning each time I pick it up, looking at my surroundings with new eyes. The moment you see one of your images that makes you go ‘oooh’ is a magical feeling. The biggest surprise when I viewed my snaps was that with all the grand surroundings of historic homes & gardens and the magnificent landscapes, it was the images of the small details that gave me the most pleasure. The bits of a grand garden that may be overlooked on a visit, the wild flowers growing in the steps, small alpines in stone troughs, the vegetables in the kitchen garden…..

Overflow from the main pond – Sizergh Castle

Naturalised wild flowers growing on steps – Sizergh Castle

Sempervivum planter – Sizergh castle

Living willow hurdles – Sizergh Castle

Curly Kale in a Kitchen Garden

Artichoke in a Kitchen Garden

So my journey continues, I’m realising just how much pleasure I get from photographing plants and flowers, discovering the hidden details in gardens. So much to learn, so many beautiful images to capture…..So where will this new discovery and journey take me in the future?

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