Amazing Alliums {Part Two}

by Kat Weatherill

On my recent trip to RHS Tatton flower show I came across some new varieties of Alliums that I thought you’d love to see!

Allium ‘Red Mohican’

Allium scorodosprasum ‘Passion’

Allium ‘Dready’

Allium ‘Forelock’

Satavin Ophioscorodon

And of course there are the more familiar Alliums that we are used to seeing but are still a beautiful addition to any garden…..

Sphaerocephalon Allium ‘Drumstick’

Sphaerocephalon Allium ‘Drumstick’

Allium ‘Giganteum’

Nectaroscordum Siculum

Allium Christophii

General Guidelines:

Type: Deciduous
Soil Type: Well-drained but fertile, add grit on heavy soils
Site: Prefers Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Spacing: Plant 15cm deep. (the distance between will vary between variety but between 20-30cm) Plant in groups of 3 or 5 for the best impact
Care tips: Remember these perennial so plant them somewhere permanent. Removing the raggy browning foliage doesn’t seem to affect the bulbs.

Alliums will also survive as a cut flower for up to 2 weeks, but as they are part of the onion family, remember to change the water frequently and add a drop of bleach to the water to keep the ‘oniony’ smell at bay!

Now is the time to buy or order your bulbs. So many people ask me in May for ‘some of those purple pom pom flowers’ for the garden! If you wait untill they are in flower you will pay a small fortune for them. So plan ahead, expect to pay between 50p – £5 per bulb depending on the variety. Always buy good quality bulbs and plant them as soon as you can, follow the planting guidelines.

If you plan carefully you can have Alliums in flower in your garden from May – September and best of all they generally keep flowering year on year. (Squirrels permitting and as long as your garden isn’t a bog!)

Alliums can be bought from your local garden centre or online at :
Warmenhoven (good for unusual varieties)
Sarah Raven (great planting information for the less experienced garden plus a beautiful website)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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